Monday, 10 March 2014

sketching to live music

Small intimate theatre, 
wine, water, dim lights 
and the delightful new age piano sounds of Fiona Joy (Hawkins). 

who I photographed here with Bukhu Ganburged the Mongolian throat singer 
playing his horse fiddle.

A 275 year old violin,
a cello and a guitar.
Its not easy to sketch symmetrical instruments.

James Englund played warm up. 

and I enjoyed the luxury of having a table to draw at and dabbled in the mixing of music and sketching.

Later, after the break, 
simply doodling as Fiona played her compositions 
"Ceremony" and "Blue Dream" 

"Moving On"

 accompanied by Rebecca Daniel playing violin 
and John Napier on cello 

What a lovely night!

Here's a link to Fiona's You Tube channel
a 17min You Tube video so you can experience it yourself. 

Go on, grab a pencil or brush and give it a try! 


Sand said...

The last time I went to a live music performance I sketched too :) I enjoyed it, didn't have a table though, lucky you ;)
I used to do a doodling lesson to music way back in the mists of time, students always enjoyed it, thanks for the reminder I may try it myself one day soon.

suzi poland said...

Thanks Sand, yes I used to teach a class "Drawing as Meditation" in my studio, often creating in low light. It was so nice to sketch the instruments, the scene, the artists and the have a go at drawing the sound of the music. I would like to have taken one of your classes and love your description "back in the mists of time". I would love to see your doodle if you do. By all means pop back with a link. :)