Monday, 17 March 2014

sketching people at the beach in late summer

The day I forgot to take my phone to the beach, 
with it’s camera that is all I seem to use these days, 
it felt like the old days before I posted on the internet. 

My sketchbook, my pen, the beach, it’s people and me. 

I spent a few hours sketching from a distance, 
now there are fewer and fewer people at the beach, especially mid-week.  

It’s a little cooler now and not everyone goes in, not everyone swims.

A surfer wears a wetsuit and limbers up before going in.

Fortunately it meant they stayed still a little longer,
so I tried adding a little more cross hatching.

More than the simple lines in the people sketches I did earlier this Summer.

I sketched a woman reading at the beach last year 

I always enjoy seeing how many positions people find 
so they can continue to read. 

I always end up wondering about their compelling book.

On another day, a weekend, another lady was sensible and brought a chair! 
(notice there's no time for cross hatching as I sense people watching me!)

I am going to miss Summer when it’s gone.

I hope you'll pop back on Friday for my Equinox post.  

1 comment:

Sandy King said...

Nice to see a grouping of your sketches . Incredible how the impact of black and white can be all that is needed to capture the image. Lovely.