Monday, 17 February 2014

painting doodles on the full moon

cloudy night, light rain, 
perfect for being inside doodling again 
with my Lamy pen adding colour, 
abundant colour, playing with paint.

I've explored the moon as a theme in my work, but recently I am exploring the phases of the moon as a source of creative energy. The week before the full moon seemed so tense, so of full of anxiety as I finished a few things off, but then came the freedom to play, to let loose. 

Do you have a more creative time of the month?


Fern Spackman said...

I love all your 'doodles', Suzi. They are full of joy and gorgeous colour. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. :)

suzi poland said...

Thank you Fern for popping by and leaving your generous comment. I really love that you enjoy the bright playful colours. As you know I have been consumed in B+W line but hearing your response really encourages me that when colour returns to be free to be joyous and full of life.