Thursday, 20 February 2014

crossing over

Joining the dots between life and art …

overcast over Pittwater

what a difference a day makes

sitting under white umbrellas

"Crossing Over"

there we sat as if watching time,
shifting from this space to that.

today marks the day,
before the next step on the way,
tomorrow we will both walk alone,
and the next day,
will be the day after that,
when it's a fact,
that this time has ended.

I love how at times like these,
we both feel no need,
to scale a mountain,
or cross the sea,
no need to fill the space
with activity.

Simply sitting

A moment to re-calibrate
and let the inner and outer worlds merge.

© suzi poland 2014

The synchronicity that it was also the day I filled the last page in my sketchbook, was not lost on me

L A S T  P A G E in my sketchbook :(

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more about #coffeeosophy in my next post, love you to pop back for that :)


Creatively yours Fi said...

I love your beautiful poem Sooooo much! I'll have to share it xXX

Carol Beckx said...

Such an enjoyable post - the photos the poem and the drawing. Thank you. Also what a great square sketchbook- what brand is it? I'm always on the lookout for new makes...

suzi poland said...

Thanks Fiona and Carol, so happy to hear you like. Carol I use a variety of sketchbooks, but this sketch has been done in a Daler Rowney Ebony 140x130mm 150gsm hardcover Artist's Sketch Book.

Joanne Freeman said...

Love this poem Suzi. Simply sitting is a beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing . xx Jo

suzi poland said...

Thank you Jo, it is wonderful to share a love of poetry with you. :)