Monday, 24 February 2014

Coffeeosophy and the art of coffee sketching

did it start here in the five hearts in this muffin?

"raspberry muffin 
with five little love hearts"

or here at this cafe?

"a cafe named after it's postcode"

or did it sneak in here? 

"sneaky sketch at Sneaky Grind cafe"

I am not sure exactly where it started but it did. 

when I sat and drew this coffee,
this poetic musing came to me:

 "sometimes after we've interacted with it, 
our coffee it takes on a whole new look" 

the next time I drew, I wrote

"so glad to hear #coffeeosophy 
has been deemed a worthy pursuit."

I looked at my sunglasses and thought

"if you don't have a penchant for coffee, 
sunglasses make a nice alternative."

and so it continued

"if you look long enough 
you will see a heart in your coffee 
even if it wasn't there before"

"drawing S T R O N G coffee without glasses 
has me seeing double"

"even when you are a little off-centre 
and the wind is blowing your table, 
there are hearts waiting for you."

"maybe it was the addition of banana bread, 
but I'm sure I saw a smile in my coffee today."

"maybe there are glyphs in our coffee,
hieroglyphs that speak to us each morning."

suddenly it was the L A S T  P A G E of my sketchbook!
no wonder it looked a bit wonky!

fortunately I had already bought another one

"when you fall off a horse, you get straight back up,
 the same applies for sketchbooks! 
so here is the F I R S T  P A G E in my new sketchbook!"

so off we go … !
although I'm not exactly sure where next!

Can I really say where it started? Maybe it began years ago when I spent six hours drawing a bowl of eggs, or maybe it was in some of my intuitive doodles, or back at high school with my "most original art prize" and my love of Escher's art, or maybe it was my Lamy pen, or from playing with poetry and dreaming. I could tell you I recently borrowed the book Holy Fool by Leunig and did Creative Alchemy or simply that after working so big on my 1000 words for Summer project - Year 5 it felt good to work small. I cannot say for sure where it started, but it did.

To acknowledge, to celebrate,
I've shared these images as a

set on Flickr
a project on Behance
#coffeeosophy on Instagram

Thanks, as always for popping by to check out my work.

POSTSCRIPT a year later I put together this post Celebrating a year of Coffeeosophy 


Sandy King said...

This was a lovely fresh read Suzi.. I even find myself looking into my coffee before I start drinking it now.. The perfect pause. And as always, your drawings are fresh and inspiring. XX

Victoria Fann said...

I love the interplay between the coffee, the drawing, the words and you...a gentle blending and communing so that something can emerge from the exchange onto the page received through the eyes, filtered through your unique instrument and expressed onto the page. A beautiful rendering of the interplay that happens all the time in our daily lives with each interaction touching and reframing the people and things around us. A ripple effect as seen in your the rings in your coffee. Lovely...thank you!

Erica said...

I love coffee & I loved this post. I hope you didn't drink all of these on the same same day!
I was interested in your 6 hour egg drawing marathon. When I first went to art college when I was sixteen, we spent the whole of one week each drawing half a red cabbage. I'm sure you can imagine the smell in the studio by the end of the week!

Joanne Freeman said...

Love you sketches Suzi. I am inspired by what you see. Thank you. xx Jo

suzi poland said...

thanks everyone for your comments and great feedback on this new style, it's very encouraging as I venture out beyond my known. :)

Cottonara said...

great !!!