Monday, 3 February 2014

1000 words for Summer Year 5 - summer love

Each year I have ended this project with a Summer wrap, a compilation of the works created. This year, the fifth year was the first year I worked solely on my own, something I found I loved. These are the works shared here on my blog, my instagram and on the Facebook event

I started with a photograph

night filming + photography


3 Instavideos
3 "minutes by the sea"


 cafe sketching and reading art + poetry

photographing parks + gardens 

photographing people at the beach


playing with colour here + there

expressive doodling in B+W 

experimental acrylic painting 
here + here + here


writing my word for the year

writing poetry

plus …

sketching people at the beach
herehereherehere + here





Oh how I love my Summer studio by the sea. 

Thank you very much for being here.

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To see other works created this year join the 1000 words for Summer Year 5 facebook event or follow #1000wordsforsummer on my instagram feed. To see what happened in previous years, visit the 1000 words for Summer project blog.


nini said...

WOW Suzi! This is a perfect way to wrap things up and show us all where a true dedication can lead.

Of course, wrapping this up in a gallery would be The thing as I can totally see all those visitors watching out closely to spot themselves on your beautiful sketches :) Wouldn't that feel awesome?

Bravo again Suzi, you truly rock!

Anna said...

What a beautiful wrap-up Suzi! Your productivity and dedication is awe-inspiring! Anna x

Sues Scott said...

Amazing amount of work you got done! Congrats & thank you for sharing, you're truly inspirational;D!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Wonderful! And so lovely to see the sun, we're desperate for some prolonged sunlight over here! Lesley